Manager, Program Design for Impact and Monitor and Evaluation 经理,项目设计,监测与评估

Position title: Manager, Program Design for Impact and Monitor and Evaluation经理,项目设计,监测与评估
Department: Conservation
Reports to: Chief Program Officer
Location: TBD Program

Main Responsibilities:

Design for Impacts: 
Direct engagement with other WWF China teams to offer support to the design and implementation of strategies, programmes and projects so that they can achieve and demonstrate impact.
In collaboration with WWF China colleagues, build capacity and understanding of D&I principles and practices within Practices, such that D&I excellence becomes the norm.
Enable the integration of learning and excellence into project design, management and implementation.
Collate information from reports, reviews & evaluations in order to encourage the application of learning to the WWF-China strategy
WWF China Conservation Master Plan: Putting together WWF China Program Department’s Master Plan, and managing the Master Plan throughout the year;
APMS and SPMS (or any other M&E systems): Monitoring the progress of WWF China’s Conservation Department’s overall strategic and annual plan. Coordinate monitoring system planning and regular review of conservation programs (Action Plan Monitoring System & Strategic Plan Monitoring System), to ensure quality and alignment with International guidance.
WWOV and PO DASHBOARD (or any other reporting systems): With the guidance of network, coordinate with each teams to collect data of PO annual review. 
TPR Management: Coordinate the process of standard Technical Progress Report process (twice per year), provide support technical assistance ensure good quality and timely submission.
Program and Project Evaluations: Plan, design, lead and coordinate the periodical evaluations for programs and projects
Management of procurement process: develop and maintain efficient contract and supplier management system; ensure contract and supplier data accuracy and compliance; promote relevant knowledge sharing within project teams; facilitate to finish the routing slip to ensure timely signoff of the contracts; analyzing contracts’ information and generating quarter report; collecting data and generating monthly pipeline report; and also other tasks as required; promote sole source application process and build up trusted partner database.
Risk management of programs: identify potential risks of program administration through investigations and researches; setup and manage systematic purchase workflow to decrease the risks.
Facilitate trainings on Design for Impact and program monitoring and evaluation: Hold meetings and trainings; deliver relevant trainings according to program requirement.
Provide field support: provide remote or on-site support for the program teams in field offices, by gathering requests, channeling to conservation and supporting departments, coordinate different teams to find solutions together, and other corresponding tasks.
Knowledge Management: Establish and maintain a WWF China knowledge management system, including but not limited to, Intranet, internal common platform, tracking of historical knowledge, by working closely with Practices and Operations teams.
Complete other assignment as requested by the supervisor.

Working Relationship:


Regularly contact with Program Supporting Team members. 
Closely working with Practice Heads and other related Practice staff. 
Regular contact with WWF China LT and MT members.
Regular contact with D4I and M&E staff in other WWF Offices.

Regular interaction with external evaluators, and trainers

Basic Qualification:

Bachelor degree or above in related field;
At least three years working experience on database administration or project management;
Able to work independently and collaboratively;
Good at time management and work effectively to meet the deadline under pressure;
Strong computer skills and familiarity with Excel;
Good written and oral skills in English and Chinese;
Adherence to WWF Values.