Officer, Organization Development

Job Description

Position title: Officer, Organization Development

Reports to: Head of OD, Operations 

Location: Beijing Office


1.Assist the OD strategy development including OD objectives, annual workplan, facilitate organizational transition and change process, ensure that the OD strategy is fully embedded in and supportive to the strategy 2020 version 2.0. 
2.Proactively engage LT and MT in effective communication on the OD strategy and the change process.
3.Identify and develop internal communication mechanism to assist organizational transition and change process, ensuring full understanding, engagement and support from staff throughout the change process.  
4.Engage the Change Team and develop activities that help to shape the culture needed in supporting the transition and change process in order to achieve the Strategy 2020 2.0. 
5.Actively engage with relevant Network partners on change process and OD strategy implementation, exchange knowledge and lessons learnt.
6.Assist in Strategy 2020 2.0, OD strategy and change plan day-to-day monitoring, assessing the progress, performance, with KPIs to ensure effective and measurable outcomes. 

Main Responsibilities:

1.Facilitate and manage OD strategy development and its monitoring KPIs;
2.Refine and monitor the Organizational Transition and Change Plan and its implementation;
3.Develop and manage culture survey based on the organizational level culture survey baseline (such as RWA, Staff Retreat and Learning Week, etc.,), to assess the change progress and organizational culture change;
4.Develop internal and external communications tools throughout the transition and change process, ensure the tools are user friendly and adaptive, collect content, feedback, from various teams and staff;
5.Engage the Change Team and regularly share issues, progress, performances, with the LT and MT and collect staff’s feedback on the change process with senior management teams;
6.Assist in day-to-day monitoring and assessing the implementation ofthe  change plan, timely reflect key performance issues.  
7.Support Operations in delivery structures with clear roles and responsibilities throughout the transition and change process;
8.Facilitates close dialogues among staff members internally and externally with the Network OD community, share change process, milestones with staff and partners periodically.
9.Assist in developing and managing OD workplan&budget. 

Working Relationship:


•Report to the Head of OD and work closely with the Change Team and other teams in WWF China; 

•Support and work with the Network OD community, OD donor offices, exchange progress, knowledge, experience and lessons learnt.

b) External: 

•Regularly interact with other NGOs peers, local partners and Chinese OD communities; 


1. BA or Master or relevant degree in related area (MBA, international business, environment science or development) is preferred.

2. At least 3 years experiences, with personal involvement in organization development or performance management, strategy management, process management

3. Excellent communicator, strong work ethic, the ability to work independently as well as in a team environment.

4. Detail-focused, enthusiastic, ambitious and self-motivated.

5. Strong business knowledge, professional presentation skills and good problem solving abilities. 

6. Computer experience in Microsoft Office.

7. Proficiency in Mandarin and English.

Contact information:

1.Candidates should send a cover letter, CV in English and Chinese to
2.Please indicate the applying position in title, salary expectation in Email and send them in attachment.